hot sale fashion color private label beauty makeup velvet lipstick
Item name:  Velvet Lipstick
Item No:    LDQ05
Size:      3.5 g
Color:     12 colors
Ingredient:  Natural beeswax, lanolin, apple seed oil and so on
Function:   Moisturizing, repairing, antioxidant, easy to apply, water-proof, long-lasting, highly pigmented
MOQ:      100 pieces,private label 12000pcs
wholesale fashion color beauty makeup matte lipstick for women
Item name:   Matte Lipstick
Item No:    LDQ04
Size:      3.5 g
Color:     16 colors
Ingredient:  Natural beeswax, polyethylene, squalane and so on
Function:   Non-glossy, repairing, antioxidant and long-wearing, water-proof, very safe, skin-friendly 
MOQ:      100 pieces, private label 12000pcs
private label oem natural organic fashion color Shimmer Color Lipstick
Item name:   Shimmer Color Lipstick
Item No:    LDQ03
Size:      3.5 g
Color:     16 kinds
Ingredient:  Lanolin, ganoderma atrum (mushroom) extract, pearl powder, sodium hyaluronate and so on
Function:   Incredibly powerful long-wearing, repairing, antioxidant, moisturizing and water-proof effects 
MOQ:      100 pieces , private label 12000pcs
wholesale OEM/ODM lip care lipstick natural women beauty Non-Stick Cup Lipstick
Product name: Non-Stick Cup Lipstick
Volume:     3.5 g
Form:      Lipstick
Function :  Safe, easy to apply; eatable; long-wearing with incredibly powerful non-stick cup effects
MOQ:      100 pieces ,OEM private label 12000pcs
Gender:    female
Main ingredient: Mica powder, beeswax, apple seed oil and so on.
private label makeup lip care moisturizing Carotene Color Lip Balm
Item name: Carotene Color Lip Balm
Item No: LDQ01
Size :3.5 g
Color: Delicate pink, golden yellow, light green 
Ingredient: Squalane, ginseng seed oil, macadamia seed oil, lanolin, jojoba oil, beeswax, beta-carotene and so on
Function: Safe, moisturizing, anti-drying, repairing, long-lasting, antioxidant, waterproof 
MOQ :100 pieces
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